Future makers

The TextielLab is not only a place for established designers and artists. We also welcome emerging talent. In the lab, students can develop their skills through an educational programme, internship or graduation project.

As future makers, students in vocational education play an important role in the ongoing development of textile crafts. The TextielLab bridges the gap between vocational training and textile design in practice. We offer internships for HBO (higher vocational education) and MBO (secondary vocational education) students in various techniques. In addition, HBO students can apply to spend three to four days in the lab working on their graduation project at a highly discounted rate. Students will be supervised by one of our experts throughout this period. Recent graduates are also eligible for this kind of supervision.


The TextielLab offers internships in one and occasionally two techniques. Depending on the technique, internships last between one and six months. During this period, you will work alongside our professionals in the lab. You will help set up and thread the machines, prepare yarns, finish products and shadow a product developer. You will have the opportunity to participate in innovative projects and practise manual and mechanical techniques. If you opt for weaving and knitting, you will learn to programme the machines. In the lab, you will also have contact with museum visitors, to whom you will explain the different machines and projects. Bear in mind that you will sometimes have to work weekends. We do not offer a travel or internship allowance, but you will get the chance to produce your own work on our machines for your portfolio.

Internships for MBO students
MBO students can apply for an internship in the following techniques: tufting, embroidery, laser cutting and assembly.

Internships for HBO students
HBO students in their final year can apply for an internship of three to six months in weaving and knitting. Students interested in tufting can also apply for a shorter internship of at least one month.

How to apply
Interested in an internship? Please send a motivation letter along with your CV and portfolio to If there is space in the technique you have applied for, you will be invited for an interview.

Graduation projects

Each academic year, we select around eight new graduation projects related to knitting and weaving. The selection procedure is open to HBO students in their final year. Selected students spend 3 to 4 days working with a product developer in our TextielLab, where they can make use of all available knowledge, expertise, machines and high-quality yarns.

How to apply
There are two moments per year when students can apply for a work period. If you like to work in the lab between April-June 2022 you must submit an application before 1 March 2022, for a work period in November-December 2022 you must submit an application before 13 October 2022. Submit an application via the application form and make sure to add the following documents: 

  • Curriculum vitae, maximum one A4 page
  • Portfolio, maximum five pages
  • Project description, maximum 500 words
  • Project visuals, maximum five pages

Selection procedure and costs
A selection committee reviews the applications. The committee consists of technical and creative specialists from the TextielMuseum, including curators and product developers. Please note that we receive a high number of applications. Incomplete applications will not be considered. The costs for the student are typically at least €700, excluding VAT.

Student rate per development day, excluding VAT:

  • Weaving: €350
  • Knitting: €175
  • Embroidery: €100
  • Tufting: €375 – €750 per m2, depending on the complexity and pile height
  • Passementerie: €100

Educational programmes

Each school year, we develop multi-day programmes for design, textile and fashion students. The programmes focus on the production process, techniques and materials, and students have the chance to work with experts in the lab. For example, students from the Design Academy Eindhoven and Amsterdam Fashion Institute use the weaving and knitting machines in the lab every year. This is a unique opportunity for the students to experiment with materials and machines in a professional workshop.

A programme always consists of a half or full day of introduction: introduction to the museum, the collection and exhibition, introduction to the library, introduction to yarns, introduction to the technique the students will work with. The techniques are weaving, knitting, tufting, passementerie, embroidery and laser cutting. The students then spend a few days in the lab developing individual or joint projects. They can choose yarns on the spot and, like professional makers, work alongside a product developer. This hands-on approach teaches students about the machines and production process as well as how these can be adjusted to achieve the desired result.

Are you a teacher interested in bringing a group of students to work in the TextielLab? Please contact the TextielLab’s Front Office well before the start of the school year.

The costs of a multi-day programme include, among others, use and supervision of the lab facilities for each technique, always with a half or full-day reserved for introductions and intakes. We charge a special educational rate for these programmes, and students pay a reduced rate for the materials they use. We aim to tailor our programmes to each course, so please contact our Front Office for a quote.