Future makers

The TextielLab is not only a place for established designers and artists. We also welcome emerging talent. In the lab, students can develop their skills through an educational programme, internship or graduation project.

Graduation projects

As future makers, students in vocational education play an important role in the ongoing development of textile crafts. The TextielLab bridges the gap between vocational training and textile design in practice. We offer internships for HBO (higher vocational education) and MBO (secondary vocational education) students in various techniques. In addition, HBO students can apply to spend 3 days (for the technique weaving) or 5 days (for the technique knitting) in the lab working on their graduation project at a highly discounted rate. Students will be supervised by one of our experts throughout this period. Recent graduates are also eligible for this kind of supervision.

Develop your graduation project at TextielLab 

Do you start your graduation in the coming year? Then it might be possible to develop your graduation project at TextielLab. Every academic year we select around 12 students from art and design schools to carry out their graduation project in knitting or weaving at TextielLab. Selected students get the opportunity to work with experienced product developers at TextielLab for 3 days (for the technique weaving) or 5 days (for the technique knitting). Our high-quality knowledge, expertise, machines and yarns are available for you to develop your project on a professional level.  

Sangmin Oh graduated in 2022 with the project Knitted Light which he developed at TextielLab. Photo’s: Patty van den Elshout

Application and work period  

Most academies have two graduation periods, and our selection process is aligned with those. If you’re graduating in the summer, you can apply for a work period in April-May-June. In 2024 the deadline for applications is March 1st. If you’re graduating in winter, you can apply for a work period in November-December-January. In 2024 the deadline for applications is October 1st. You can apply through the application form.

What do you need? 

  • Curriculum vitae, maximum one A4 page
  • Portfolio, maximum five pages
  • Project description, maximum 500 words
  • Project visuals, maximum five pages

Selection process 

After the application deadline, a selection committee will review all applications. The committee consists of technical and creative specialists of the TextielMuseum, including curators and product developers. Make sure your application is clear and complete, otherwise we cannot consider your submission. Within about four weeks after the application deadline, you will hear whether your project has been selected. If so, an appointment will be made for intake and planning.  


We have extra reduced fees for graduating students. For weaving the cost is € 195,- per day and for knitting the cost is € 110, – per day, plus a project fee and material costs. The final costs depend on the complexity of your project, but on average the costs are between € 800-€ 1.000, – ex. VAT.