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Is the project you made in the lab ready to share with the world? By mentioning the TextielLab in publications about your work, you help us spread the word about the boundless possibilities of textiles.

Support our mission
Our mission is to preserve and develop textile arts and crafts in all their forms. As a maker, you play an important role in achieving this mission. That’s why we ask you not only to share the knowledge you have gained in the TextielLab with current and future makers but also to highlight the role and value of the lab for your project. In practice, this means mentioning the lab and adding our logo to publications about your project. This page explains exactly how to do that.

TextielLab media kit

Photo: Willeke Machiels

Mention the TextielLab
Please mention the TextielLab when exhibiting, reproducing and publishing information about the product that was developed in the lab. This applies, among other things, to:

  • Texts, images and audio-visual productions about the product
  • Invitations, flyers, posters and publications about the product
  • Digital communications about the project on websites and social media and in newsletters
  • Exhibition texts and title cards
  • (Subsidy) reporting

Additional communications or publications about (the development of) the product can be discussed with our Front Office.

Example text
When mentioning the TextielLab, you can use the following phrase:

‘[…] in collaboration with the TextielLab, the professional workshop of the TextielMuseum’.

TextielLab logo
Where possible, include the TextielLab logo: download the logo here.

Spelling of TextielMuseum and TextielLab
Use a capital M and a capital L for Museum and Lab respectively, and do not use spaces in the names: TextielMuseum and TextielLab.

Description of the TextielLab
If you need a description of the TextielLab for a subsidy application or some other purpose, please use the following text:

‘The TextielLab is a unique development space where artists, designers and young talent create and make exclusive productions and autonomous textile works. The TextielLab’s mission is to preserve and develop textile arts and crafts in all their forms. The lab occupies a distinctive position in the textile industry. It gives makers the time and space to experiment with new materials and techniques and to access the knowledge and expertise in the lab as well as the museum’s rich collection. Makers can directly influence the creative process, from design choices through to the development of the final product.

The TextielLab is the beating heart of the TextielMuseum in Tilburg. Uniquely combining exhibitions, public activities, educational programmes and the bustling TextielLab, the TextielMuseum is a leading platform for professionals, students, children, textile lovers, companies and anyone else with an interest in textiles.

To maintain the TextielLab’s unique working and learning environment, the TextielMuseum continually invests in optimising the machines, knowledge and expertise in the lab. Moreover, financial support from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, the Province of Noord-Brabant and the City of Tilburg, enables the TextielLab to offer development days at discounted rates.’

Photos for the TextielMuseum
The museum regularly shares updates about projects being developed in the TextielLab on social media, in (short) documentaries or in exhibitions. To support these activities, we ask that you send us several high-quality photos of the production process and final product, after the completion of your project.

Reporting by the TextielLab
For our archive, the lab team regularly photographs and records work processes. Samples from each project are kept in the Sample Studio, which is used to preserve and develop craftsmanship, as a resource for talent development and as a reference for questions about materials and techniques.

TextielLab TextielMuseum Media kit

Photo: Tommy de Lange

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