Digital and physical sample archive

The Sample Studio is a showcase of innovative fabrics from the last ten years. It contains more than 500 samples from projects in the TextielLab as well as descriptions of the projects and development process and images of the results.

The samples aim to inspire new makers but are also useful for visualising ideas. For example, the samples show the effect of different yarns and weaves on a fabric. Tangible items also make it easier to communicate with product developers. That’s why our initial meeting with designers who want to work in the lab often takes place here.

sample studio

Photo: Josefina Eikenaar

The Sample Studio is an important tool in the TextielLab’s R&D programme, allowing makers to build on existing knowledge. Exploring the possibilities of materials and techniques before they come to the lab can also help makers prepare for their own development process. Besides the physical archive, a digital version of the archive is available online.