Assembly studio

Besides an impressive array of machinery, we have an even more impressive team of textile specialists. Look around to see which of our specialists can help you during your working period in the TextielLab.

Ingrid Staps, seamstress

Ingrid is a master at assembling fabrics that come straight from our machines. She studied fashion and clothing at secondary school level and textile design at higher vocational level. In addition, she has learned the intricacies of the trade through specialised sewing courses and almost ten years of experience as an independent seamstress.

Ingrid works closely with makers, proactively assessing the feasibility of their ideas. She considers a fabric’s drape and application when giving technical advice on the best finishes. She has a keen eye for assembling wall hangings, stretched canvas and three-dimensional installations, which she does in a highly refined way.

Ingrid (right) with designer Sigrid Calon