Besides an impressive array of machinery, we have an even more impressive team of textile specialists. Look around to see which of our specialists can help you during your working period in the TextielLab.

Product developers

Are you coming to work in the TextielLab’s knitting department? Then you will be matched with one of our experienced product developers who will help you stitch your creative ideas together on our high-tech knitting machines. Time for an introduction!

Sarena Huizinga, product developer knitting

Sarena studied fashion design at the Royal Academy of Art from 2004 to 2008. She joined the TextielLab as a product developer in the knitting department in 2014. She also works as an independent knitting designer under her own name and as a developer for her company Breienbreien. Her speciality is fully fashioned pieces on computer-controlled knitting machines. She most enjoys making 3D structures and excels at getting the most out of the knitting machines. She is continuously expanding her knowledge of knitting and loves a technical challenge. A good example of this is the knitted bomber jackets she developed with Conny Groenewegen.

Mathilde Vandenbussche, knitting specialist

Mathilde graduated in 2015 with a master’s degree in textile design from the School of Arts in Ghent, Belgium, where she specialised in industrial and manual knitting. During her degree, she came into contact with the TextielLab as a European Textile Trainee, a training programme for promising textile students. After graduating, she worked for two years as a textile designer for a weaving mill that makes interior fabrics, then for a manufacturer of knitted mattress covers. She joined the TextielLab as a knitting specialist in 2020, specialising in the circular knitting and sock knitting machine. Besides her work in the lab, she also leads workshops in machine knitting in the Texture Museum in Kortrijk, Belgium. She is particularly interested in technical approaches to knitting, using her knowledge of special stitches to give projects additional layers.

Wil van den Heuvel, knitting support

Wil van den Heuvel can regularly be found in the TextielLab’s knitting department. He supports the department by maintaining and preparing the knitting machines as well as producing items such as our own by TextielMuseum knitted products. He also works in the lab’s yarn storage.

Damien Semerdjian, product developer knitting

Damien has been in the textile business for 12 years and can rightly be called a seasoned knitting specialist. He gained much of his experience in his family’s company in France, where he developed knitwear for the fashion industry. He has broad technical knowledge, whether that is seamless, three-dimensional or fully fashioned knitting. Driven by his ambition to work on new and challenging projects, he joined the TextielLab team in 2020. Since then, he has worked with fashion designer Jef Montes, among others, and developed complex fully fashioned knitted face masks for the TextielMuseum with young talent Yamuna Forzani.

Yani Chuang, knitting specialist

Yani graduated from the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague in 2018. For her graduation work, she developed knits in the TextielLab and immediately fell in love with industrial machines. After graduating, Yani worked for 3 years at BYBORRE as a knitting engineer where she got to know the circular knitting machines inside and out. From 2022 she has joined the TextielLab where she is specializing herself in various knitting techniques to become an all-around knitting expert. Yani loves the craftsmanship involved in knitting and working closely with the machine. To match every yarn, every stitch, every setting so well that you get the best result.

Veva van der Wolf, passementerie and circular knitting specialist

Veva graduated from the ArtEZ art academy in 2014 with a degree in fashion. She first came to the TextielLab as a student, developing her graduation project with knitting specialist Sarena. It was during this period that she discovered her love of manual textile techniques. After graduating, she worked as a knitting and embroidery specialist for several major fashion houses in London. She joined the TextielLab in 2018 as a passementerie and circular knitting specialist. She enjoys the challenge of constantly rediscovering old techniques for new applications. She has worked with Tanja Smeets, Otobong Nkanga and Envisions, among others.