Besides an impressive array of machinery, we have an even more impressive team of textile specialists. Look around to see which of our specialists can help you during your working period in the TextielLab.

Natascha Goedgezelschap (left), yarn purchasing

Natascha supports the TextielLab by purchasing the right yarns. She previously worked as an independent entrepreneur in ceramics and curtains made from bamboo. As a result, she has a good eye for purchasing materials and knows exactly what to look out for. An important part of her job is maintaining the comprehensive stock of yarns we offer our makers. In addition, Natascha is working on optimising and improving the sustainability of the TextielLab’s purchasing policy, so that no yarns are purchased which are not used.

Vera de Pont (right), yarn advisor

Vera studied in the Man and Identity department at the Design Academy Eindhoven before obtaining a master’s degree from the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam in 2017. Her interests lie at the intersection of design and science. This was the reason that she took a foundation course in biomedical sciences in Maastricht in 2011, and one of the reasons why the role of yarn advisor is such a good fit. She researches the latest yarns and advises makers on what to use. She also collaborates intensively on research and development projects, such as the research carried out by Studio Drift. She combines her work in the lab with running the design studio AnoukxVera, where she collaborates with Anouk van de Sande on various design projects: from colour and print design to iconic sportswear. In addition, Vera has her own design studio, Studio Vera de Pont, and has been a freelance designer at Hella Jongerius’ Jongeriuslab since 2018.