Laser cutting & embroidery

Besides an impressive array of machinery, we have an even more impressive team of textile specialists. Look around to see which of our specialists can help you during your working period in the TextielLab.

Frank de Wind, embroidery and laser cutting specialist

Frank has worked in the textile industry for his entire career. Before joining the TextielLab almost 20 years ago as an embroidery and laser cutting specialist, he worked as a dye expert and machine setter. As a result, he has extensive knowledge of materials and machines. In close collaboration with makers, he embroiders and laser cuts a wide range of materials on the lab’s computer-controlled machines. Every day, he pushes technical and technological boundaries to create unique products. He has worked with Heringa van Kalsbeek, Jan Taminiau, Claes Iversen and Maartje Corstanje, among others.