The TextielLab employs time-honoured techniques to keep the art of passementerie alive. We use manual or mechanical machines dating from the end of the 19th century to produce braids, gimps, cords and other trimmings.

Passementerie is an umbrella term used to describe a range of decorative trimmings such as bands, fringes, cords and braids. Bands and fringes are woven manually or mechanically on ribbon or narrow looms. Cords are mechanically braided or manually twisted or wound. The TextielLab has machines for producing all these trimmings. Passementerie is usually used to embellish fashionwear and soft furnishings.

Yarn collection
The TextielLab has an unrivalled yarn collection. Besides standard yarns, the lab also researches and buys special yarns. We work with sustainable yarns from European suppliers wherever possible, and we research specific applications for different yarns in textile products.

Working in the TextielLab
Would you like to work in our passementerie department? Click ‘Submit request’ to send us a project proposal. The project must relate to interior design, art or fashion. We will assess the proposal on motivation, innovation and artistry. If there is a match, we will invite you for an intake interview to determine whether the project is feasible. After the interview, we will send you a work plan and quote. Once you approve this, we will schedule the development of your project. For the best result, we recommend that you are in the lab as much as possible during the development phase. If are unable to come yourself, you can also work remotely. Contact the Front Office to help you set this up.

If you want to develop a project at our passementerie department in 2023, we ask you to submit your request before the 7th of November 2023.

In the passement department, we work on a six-month schedule. There are two moments a year when you can submit an application. For a work period in February-July 2024, you must submit an application before 7 November 2023, for a work period in August-December 2024, you must submit an application before 7 May 2024.



How to submit a design
Once we have accepted the project and scheduled the development days, we will ask you to submit a design according to the specifications below.

  • A sketch that gives us an idea of ​​the product’s material, colour and structure (this does not have to be final).
  • An indication of the yarns you want to use. We have an extensive yarn collection in the TextielLab, but you may also be able to bring your own materials. Please discuss this with us.

Photo: William van der Voort

The cost of developing a project in the passementerie department depends on several factors that vary for each project. These include the number of development days, the materials used and whether any assembly is required. The full rate for a development day is around €450 (excl. VAT). Thanks to a subsidy from the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, the Province of Noord-Brabant and the City of Tilburg, the lab can cover approximately 35% of the total costs per project, if makers pay the remaining costs themselves. If you work for a client, we cover 15% of the total costs per project. We cover 50% of the total costs for young talent (graduating students). If your project is already subsidised elsewhere, we charge the full rate per development day. This is to avoid the same project being subsidised multiple times.

After the intake interview, the lab team will determine how many development days are needed to realise the project. Additional fees will be charged for materials, assembly and any other costs incurred. After the intake interview, the lab will send you a final quote.