The TextielLab is equipped with traditional and state-of-the-art machines for the following techniques: weaving, knitting, embroidery, tufting, passementerie and laser cutting.

Makers can submit a project proposal for each technique. The lab team will assess the proposal on motivation, innovation and artistry. If there is a match, we will invite you for an intake interview. Based on the interview, we will put together a work plan and quote. Once you have approved this, we will schedule the project’s development. On these ‘development days’, you will work alongside the product developers in the lab. We have experts for each technique who relish the challenge of pushing the boundaries of materials, methods and products. As a maker, you control every aspect of the process, from the yarns you want to use, right down to the choice of stitch or weave.

Working remotely
Working in the lab is most enjoyable if you can be there yourself. As this is not always possible, we also offer the option to work with us remotely. To help you prepare for your development day(s), we have produced knowledge clips for each technique. You can also browse the digital Sample Studio, which is packed with creative ideas from past projects. If you decide to work remotely, it is important that you are available to answer questions from the lab team on the scheduled days. Please contact the TextielLab for more information about this development option.

+31(0)13 54 94 575