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A retrospective on SPIN

On Friday, June 14, the first edition of SPIN took place at the TextielLab. This new event brought together professionals and textile enthusiasts to celebrate the opening of the exhibition ‘Secrets of making #4’ and to welcome the summer.

The opening speech of this first edition of SPIN was given by Hebe Verstappen, head of TextielLab. Her enthusiastic address set the tone for an evening full of creativity and new encounters. During SPIN, visitors met each other, spoke with product developers from TextielLab, and discovered our high-end machine park. The evening was filled with inspiration and connectedness, perfectly embodying the essence of textiles.

Photo: Patty van den Elshout

Elemental Cooking & Plakboys

Elemental Cooking provided snacks with a special emphasis on traditionally prepared food. One of the highlights was their unique preparation of hangop, a dish that has its origins in both the Netherlands and the Middle East. For the preparation of hangop, Elemental Cooking used goat yogurt, which was strained in modified tea towels produced in our lab. This process of draining yogurt, where the liquid (whey) is removed, results in a thick, creamy substance that is more durable—a method widely used in the Middle East due to the high temperatures. In the Netherlands, hangop has a rich history, although it is now less commonly made due to the preference for ready-made products. Elemental Cooking revived this traditional technique and revealed the structural beauty of the process, which aligned with the theme of ‘Secrets of making #4’

The music was provided by the Plakboys, an all-female DJ collective known for their energetic sets and diverse music styles. The Plakboys offer a platform in Tilburg to showcase who they are and what they have to offer. With their unique style and infectious energy, they created the perfect atmosphere for an evening full of dance and fun. This collective emphasizes that not only men can organize events, get booked, or exhibit art; many women fit this profile just as well. During SPIN, the Plakboys proudly displayed their core values and their music, ranging from house to funk and everything in between.

Photos: Patty van den Elshout

‘Secrets of making #4’

Another highlight was the tour of the exhibition ‘Secrets of making #4’. Our curator-in-training, Lauren Hermans, gave visitors a behind-the-scenes look at the eight works by professionals. These artists recently worked in the TextielLab and brought their ideas to life under the guidance of a product developer. Lauren shared fascinating insights into their creative processes and design choices, adding extra depth to the exhibition.

Photos: Patty van den Elshout

The power of SPIN

SPIN symbolizes the unifying power of textiles. The event showcased how textiles bring people together and provide a space for endless creative expression. It was an evening full of new ideas and collaboration—a perfect start for a series of events that will bring together professionals from Tilburg and beyond.

The first edition of SPIN was a memorable evening that certainly left us wanting more. We look forward to future editions and hope to once again welcome many enthusiastic professionals and textile enthusiasts.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of this evening. Together, we celebrated the magic of textiles and laid a strong foundation for future collaborations and creations. See you at the next SPIN!

Photos: Patty van den Elshout

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