Experiment, learn and share

The TextielLab is a knowledge institute and development space in one. In this unique setting, makers can experiment with the extensive knowledge we have in-house. The results of this process are carefully documented, so that they can be shared with the textile industry and general public.

The combination of lab and museum means we are constantly expanding our knowledge about textiles. Each project adds to our product developers’ expertise. Every day, makers and technicians in the lab make new and exciting discoveries. Meanwhile, designers find inspiration in the museum collection, a specialist library and our extensive Sample Studio. Knowledge sharing is a key part of everything we do. We have our own research and development programme, research materials and techniques and share our knowledge on this website, through our newsletter for makers and in symposia. What you learn here will benefit the rest of your career. What you make here will reach the museum’s audience and far beyond.

Research and development
In 2021, the TextielLab established its own research and development programme. Through this programme, we are collaborating with artists and designers on long-term research into the application of new materials and techniques. Social issues related to sustainability, circularity and building with textiles are central to our research agenda. We work intensively with companies, educational partners and other knowledge institutes and share our knowledge openly with other makers and industries. The results are presented in exhibitions in the museum. In addition, the TextielLab researches specific techniques or materials each year. The knowledge we gain from these activities, for example about fire-retardant yarn, can be found in the Sample Studio and is shared with makers during project development.

In 2022/2023, the TextielMuseum will open its new ProjectSpace, which will display projects from the TextielLab and the latest developments in the textile industry. From 26 June 2021 to 8 May 2022, work and creative processes from the lab can be seen in the exhibition ‘Secrets of making’.