A mix of art and information

Sigrid Calon colors the new VVV

Tilburg has brought together its dynamic energy and creative soul in a remarkable new project: the information hub “info in Tilburg” opens its doors at the bustling central station. This innovative hub is not only a source of practical information for visitors and residents, but also a tribute to local creativity and collaboration.

One of the most striking features of this new information point is the artwork by Tilburg artist Sigrid Calon, realized in collaboration with our TextielLab at the TextielMuseum. The lab is known for its groundbreaking textile projects, which are often admired worldwide. Hebe Verstappen, head of the TextielLab, says: “The projects we realize here in the TextielLab usually find their destination outside the city. Very often to be admired far away, from Paris to New York. Therefore, we are enormously grateful and proud that Sigrid Calon’s artwork can be admired in Tilburg’s central station!”

In addition, Sigrid Calon’s unique tea towels, produced in the TextielLab, are also available at “info in Tilburg. These tea towels are a modern ode to the weaving technique that once made the Tilburg textile industry great. The frayed edges of the tea towels offer a beautiful glimpse into the manufacturing process, allowing you to see exactly which yarns and colors were used at each place. Whether you hang or use the tea towel, both sides are a true eye-catcher in the kitchen.

Innovative experience

The ‘info in Tilburg’ information point is more than just a traditional VVV. It is an interactive experience that invites visitors to explore Tilburg through state-of-the-art technologies such as the ‘elevator & learn’ screen for walking tours and an artwork-out-a-snack-wall concept. Marc Meeuwis, director of Citymarketing Tilburg, emphasizes the importance of this new addition to the city: “It’s fantastic to see how quickly and effectively this project came about, thanks to the determination and cooperation of local partners. It is a true showcase of what Tilburg has to offer: innovation, creativity and a warm welcome for all. “Whether you are a visitor wanting to discover Tilburg or a local resident wanting to learn more about the city, ‘info in Tilburg’ is ready to welcome you. For current opening hours and more information about the info point, visit infointilburg.com.